Když miluješ geocaching

Czech Wood Geocoin

Obsah článku

CWG is changing everywhere these days. It is a phenomenon that has engulfed the Czech Republic and is beginning to reach other countries more widely. Slowly but surely, CWG is becoming a world phenomenon. It’s hard to say whether Czechs today can imagine geocaching without CWG. Personally, I don’t think so. But do you know how it all started?

The year is 2005 and Pilsen (Czechia) has “Ponik” and “JPAgeo” who place the following text on their pages:

For quite some time Ponik and I have been figuring out how to get something called a “sig item,” an object identifying a particular geocacher. We had conflicting demands: it was supposed to be aesthetically valuable :-), made of natural material, durable and not least cheap or at least not expensive :-).
The result of the long process of inventing, googling and procuring has come as a pleasant surprise to ourselves. Czech Wood Geocoin was born, which, in our opinion, satisfies to a sufficient extent all the criteria given – but mainly is very nice :-). That’s why we want to share our experiences with you.
We would love to see the Czech Wood Geocoin series continue to grow…

~ www.cwg-sigitem.cz
source: http://www.cwg-sigitem.cz/indexen.html

In one of our conversations, Adam from the “AHA team” pointed out to me that the idea of CWG itself was preceded by the idea of coins. But you won’t find those in the geocaches today.

coins that preceded the CWG idea (source AHA)

Do you think CWG continued to grow? Probably a pointless question, the CWG has absorbed nearly every geocacher, from the smallest to the oldest, and found its niche from eventing to megaeventing. Wherever there are geocachers, you’ll find a table, group or car roof where the CWG changes. The wooden wheels just found their way into the hearts of Czech geocachers

The production of such a wooden wheel has its own clear rules which must be followed in order to be included in the official catalogue. You can find this at www.geokatalog.cz . Geocachers is also extensively used by the catalogue at cwg.gcm.cz . The CWG production model to follow is shown in the picture below.

catalogue model (source: http://www.cwg-sigitem.cz/cwgdesignen.html)

Ponik and JPAgeo also have their geocoin, which was created on the 5-year anniversary of CWG in 2010.

CWGs are meant to be exchanged, and they, too, are concerned with the slogan: “Be fair or take nothing.” So what does that mean? If I take an object from the geocaches, I should replace it with another one of equal or greater value (not true for geocoins and TB). But a lot of geocachers mistakenly believe that only the CWG belongs behind CWG, but that’s not true. Such a system would certainly be fair, but everyone has to feel their own conscience on the spot and consider whether to make such a shift or leave a kinder egg toy in place. On the other hand, a clean and unbreakable toy will also make children’s visitors very happy.

Thank you “Ponik” and “JPAgeo” for this great idea and the opportunity to enrich already great geocaching.